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How do I join in the fun of Scouting with Troop 110?
You can email us by clicking here...  and one of our Scoutmasters will contact you.  You can also come to one of our meetings, which are held on most Monday evenings, starting at 7:00pm at the Stokesdale United Methodist Church (across from the Subway on Route 158).  We recommend you arrive at 6:45pm, so we can get a chance to meet before the meeting.

Once you decided you would like to join our Troop, we will provide you with an Application to be filled out, and submit it with $11 ($10 for Council and $1 for insurance).  We will the present your Scout with a Boy Scout Handbook, which is a trove of useful information, and also used to track his progress from Tenderfoot to Eagle.

Where do I get my uniform, and what is on it?
You can purchase your uniform from the District Council Office located at:
Royce Reynolds Family Scout Office & National Scout Shop
1405 Westover Terrace
Greensboro, NC 27408
Tel: 336-378-9166 or 800-367-9166 

To get directions, hours of operation or what they offer, you can also view their website by clicking here...

Where do I place the badges and insignia on the uniform?
Click here.... to find out where to place these items.  If you have any questions, you can also ask the Senior Patrol Leader or any Scoutmaster.

How much are annual dues?
Annual Dues are $80, which are collected in August/September of each year.  You are welcome to break it up into payments, as long as the balance is paid in full by December.

What must I have to be able to go camping?
You must first have a completed Annual Health & Medical Form, and a permission slip for the campout, which will be provided via email or at the meeting prior to the campout. 

What do I need to pack for camp?
Troop 110 has a camper that is stocked with commonly used items for camping for the Patrols.  A Personal Checklist for Overnight Camping Gear can be found on Page 224 of your Boy Scout Handbook. 

Boy Scouts attending campouts should be familiar with The Outdoor Code (page 218) and Leave No Trace (page 244-245)..

What do I need to pack for hiking?
Information on Hiking can be found starting on Page 196 of your Boy Scout Handbook.  To make your hike more enjoyable, it is a good idea to be familiar with the suggested clothing for hiking. 
  - For Warm Weather, see Page 203 of your Handboook,
  - For Cold Weather, see Page 204 of your Handbook. 
  - For a list of equipment for Hiking, see Page 297
Reading the chapter on Hiking, Page 197-215 will answer most questions regarding Hiking, but if you have any additional questions, ask your Senior Patrol Leader or any of the Scoutmasters.

I am a parent, how can I help?
First, thank you for being willing to help!... Scouts enjoy seeing their parents in leadership roles. You can become an Assistant Scoutmaster and attend the campout, you can help arrange campouts, or you can help with transportation.

Can I make a suggestion for camping?
Of course!  We always encourage Scout or Parent idea's for campling sites and locations.  Have a suggestion, click here... to send us an email.

List of email addresses or phone numbers for Troop 110 members?
A complete list of current Scouts, Scoutmasters and Committee Members can be found on the Troop Roster page.  If you do not know the password, please email the Webmaster for permission to access it by clicking here...

The Calendar for the Troop?
Our Troop Calendar contains Troop Meeting Dates, PLC (Patrol Leader Council) Meeting Dates, Outings, Camping Trips, Community Service Events, Holidays, Court of Honors and other notable information. You can access it on the menu bar on the left or your can click here...

Pictures of Outing?
We keep a Troop Photo Album of outings and other events here...

The Attendance Spreadsheet?
Our Troop Attendance Spreadsheet, which tracts participation in Troop Meeting, Outings, and Community Service can be found on the Links page on the menu bar or you can click here...

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